Principal’s Message


On behalf of the staff at Cambridge International School, I am happy to welcome you to our new academic session. We are looking forward to a productive partnership with you in order to ensure that our children achieve their highest potential.

I strongly believe that all students have the inborn capabilities to achieve in life and ultimately succeed in life. The key to their success lies within themselves. Each session flashes new successes and lays down the milestone for the next session. When our children are working on something that they really care about, they don’t have to be pushed into that thing, their vision itself pulls them towards their goals.

Since the needs of any society are not static, clearly the related educational needs can’t be static. Providing a good quality education supported by moral values is our mission which paves its way to a global stage. Education being an evolutionary process shall become richer by sharing good practices like nurturing the freedom of speech, true sense of democracy, having a creative dialogue, nurturing constructive paradigm for teachers as well as students. Equipping our children with knowledge as well as skills is our dream mission which is paving its way towards reality.

At Cambridge we are working on making the teaching-learning process a natural, harmonious and a progressive journey which shapes up the child’s innate powers. We aim to be with them through their journey of self-discovery.

We invite you to experience the motivating, joyous and caring atmosphere at school.

Dr Ravinder Mahal

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