Sports. Fri, November 2, 2018: Grandparents and Grandchildren create a chain of love, linking the past with the future’ and the bond between them becomes stronger as one narrates the stories to the other. Therefore following the tradition, Cambridge International School, Jalandhar invited the master story tellers – Grandparents for ‘Legendary Tales Activity’ on December 6, 2017 with their Pandora of stories. In this activity, Grade III children welcomed their Grandparents with a beautiful choir prepared by them and the grandparents came well prepared with their surprising and enticing stories. The Story Telling session was carried out in the respective classrooms of their grandchildren. The grandparents narrated fascinating stories with voice modulation, expressive gestures and irresistible enthusiasm. The children listened to the stories with great attention. Their expressions of joy were the ultimate reward for their grandparents.

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